@icecubic (1850)
October 28, 2009 8:45am CST
hy guys my laptop have ATI radeon VGA and my friends have NVIDIA on this computer but i think its graphics is awesome. can you tell me the difference between ATI and NIVIDIA?? which is the best??
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@thedark (156)
• India
30 Jan 10
ATI and nVIDIA, are both graphics card manufacturers. the main difference b/w ati & nvidia is that both are targeted at a little different kind of audiences. ati cards are best for those who are into video editing and as well as gaming. nvidia cards are best for gaming freaks. however, for a laptop, nvidia is best.
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
They are both the best in VC technology. But mostly gamers all over the world prefer ATI they said it's faster and crispier. Nvidia are great also a lot games are compatible with nvidia graphics cards. And also it is also depends with the compatibility with your motherboard. Some motherboards are better for Nvidia but some are not and so with ATI.
• India
28 Oct 09
NVIDIA is the best i feel.
@Fadolf (545)
• Slovenia
28 Oct 09
Hi, icecubic! Well, The main difference is in chip and PCB design. Currently ATi has the most powerful GPU (58xx series) which isn't very expensive, but it offers great performance. Answer to your question would be more precise if you mentioned two graphic cards; for example NVidia 285 and ATi 5870. Regarding graphics accelerators in laptops, ATi is currently better, high end4xxx mobile series outperforms NVidia's 9xxx series in every segment. NVidia was leader about a year ago when they released new 2xx series (250 series is currently best buy for a middle market segment). I hope I helped you! Happy mylotting and take care!