I'm officially starting my MBA!!!

United States
October 28, 2009 9:26am CST
I'll admit right now I'm going to need some major motivation come January. I'll also admit I was one of those kids that you hated in college, the ones that partied(a lot), never came to class, yet somehow always showed up to class randomly(albeit hungover) and get good grades on what I like to call pop-exams. It's going to take some major motivation come January as I already have an insanely busy schedule, but one of my major goals is to finish my MBA before I'm 30. Since I'm 27, I need to kind of get a move on as it were. Getting my undergrad was no ride in the park either. I was a double major(Fashion Merchandising and Marketing) and double minor(French and Spanish). I'm not an overachiever, I promise. I was really into languages and geology in high school and took a fair amount of dual enrollment classes with the local community college so I had quite a few credits transfer as a freshman. (I guess that really didn't help my case). I graduated in December of 2004, so exactly 6 years later(since I don't start untin January), I'll be starting my MBA. I'm pretty excited since quite a bit has changed even in the past few years as far as graduate degree programs. Now that online classes are pretty much the norm at most universities, I am able to do a fair amount of my coursework without actually having to sit in a classroom. I always had a problem with focus in school(now doctors would shout ADHD and get me meds faster than I could explain) but I've managed to make it work to my advantage. I have 2 full time jobs and I have a flexible schedule with both so when I get bored with one, I just switch to the other for a bit and re-focus. Anyway, now that I don't have to be physically present for hours on end, and with the technology now available, I can take classes online through several different schools depending on what works with my schedule. After looking initially, it appears I will be taking online classes from Virginia Commonwealth University(where my actual degree will come from), William and Mary, and Tulane. The program I've been accepted to is a fast track program, meaning that the classes are shorter and more intensive as well as allowing me to take online classes from other schools to work with my schedule. I start classes in January so I need to get moving so I can pick my classes and getting everything ready. Wish me luck!
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@prinzcy (33576)
• Malaysia
28 Oct 09
Good luck to you~~~ MBA is something big and can be proud about. Hopefully, you will graduate with flying colors. It probably too early to wish for something like that but time flies like crazy~~~ You're there before you know it.
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• United States
28 Oct 09
Thank you!