How safe is facebook?

October 28, 2009 12:15pm CST
Social networking sites are hacked by hackers to get the personal information of the members. There were news some time back that facebook is also hacked by the hackers and it is not safe. So can anyone tell how safe is facebook?
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28 Oct 09
Facebook is a kinda safe site aslong as you don't add just anyone to be your friend! you just add your freind or you don't even have to add anyone! it is a safe site because your responcible for who you add because you don't have to add anyone to be your friend you can just cancell there friend request!! but there is more to just chatting on facebook you can play games and they are fun! Regards Joe Ryan
@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
28 Oct 09
To be honest you could say the same about MyLot. It's a website at the end of the day and websites generally have their loopholes and backdoors and hacker's manage to access. Which begs to say that all websites are unsafe in their own way.