What is RIGHT & what is NOT RIGHT???

October 28, 2009 12:56pm CST
I think this is hard to explain.. For example 1 :- a school boy late to school for about 5 minutes because he helps an old lady across the road.. For example 2 :- a mother wants her children get 1st place at the classroom but at the same time she hope other children stay behind her children.. For example 3 :- a boss need to dismiss few of the staff from their job due to business down, all staff need to write in few names for the boss, if you are one of the staff & all colleague also your good friend because they helped you a lot... I think above 3 situations very hard to say what is right & what is not right because when the time you think you have make a right decision, at the same time you also have a wrong decision which can affected another party..
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@merlinsorca (1122)
• United States
28 Oct 09
I think that no one can really say which is right or wrong, it is always a blend between the two; it is never black or white, but always a shade of gray. If a boy is late to school for helping a lady cross the road, it is good because he took his time to help someone, but it is also bad that he thinks this is more important than his school. . . There is always both good in bad in the equation, sometimes more of good, and sometimes more of bad, but as long as their intentions are mainly good, then it will be alright.
@hvedra (1623)
29 Oct 09
Why is it bad that the thinks helping someone is more important than school? Frankly I'd rather have a planet populated with considerate compassionate people than self-interested "individualists". IIRC the first five minutes of school was nothing useful anyway.
• Malaysia
30 Oct 09
...Hi merlinsorca, i agreed to your comment. Sometimes i go to the court, listen to the cases until the court come to the verdict, i found many thing has no right & wrong although it comes with a lot evidence. I would like to share here is act against one's conscience, the god & the person involve knows everything.. There is many things happen everyday but i think most important is appreciate every minute we live in the world. Last but not least, i hope everybody can think carefully or consider deeply before they do something.. May god bless everyone. Have a nice day..
@musicman6 (2391)
• United States
29 Oct 09
yes, merlinsorca has some good points, and I guess the final decision is up to oneself to make, you are the one that has to decide for whom it is a right decision!
• Malaysia
30 Oct 09
...hi musicman6, i agree to your comment too. Sometimes when we think that is the answer but at another situation that is not the answer.. Every angle has its view. Even we analyze from all different points, but there is no things definite right. We must always alert ourselves not to excessive the mistake we had made.. I here would like to express an intuition sentence to all people, " To have something on one's conscience & not act against one's conscience."
@varron (453)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
We can determine what is right and what is wrong by outweighing the (positive things) and the (negative things) that will serve as a result prior to the action that will be going to take, as well as the numbers of the benefit of the (majority) versus the number of the benefit of the (minority). To find what is right, we must be sure that there are more positive result than the negative result and it should benefit the majority rather than the minority prior to the action being initiated. It will also have the factor of the consideration of time. That it will not violate the interest of the (past), the (present), and the (future). Take for example the electricity, at first it can harm, and it can kill human,therefore it is not good to us,but it can give several uses,therefore man find ways to keep it under control. In the example number 1: The question is,is it Right.Yes it is,The boy will just sacrificed only 5 minutes to help or eventually saves life of an old lady. The reason is, 5 minutes late cannot ruin the boys studies,the old ladies action on crossing the streets could possibly endangers her and put her life in danger. Out weigh it, prior to one of the formula above, what do you think the more important? Being present at school for 5 minutes, or the possible life of an old woman that could be put into danger? What is more beneficiary, the 5 minutes in school or the life that could possibly saved? You can now solve the last two problems.