Will I be Able To Upgrade XP to Windows?

United States
October 28, 2009 1:14pm CST
I have windows XP and I was wondering if I would be able to upgrade to windows 7? I don't want to upgrade and lose all my current drivers.
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@jwfarrimond (4474)
28 Oct 09
Not an expert here, but I think that you need to think carefully about going to Windows 7 as I think that quite a few of the programs that you currently run under XP, will not run under Windows 7. Microsoft seem to be going in the direction of making all their new software so that it is not backwards compatable with earlier software. Thats certainly the case with Office 2007 which produces files that are not compatable with any earlier version of MS Office and cannot be read by Open Office either.
• United States
29 Oct 09
Although there are SOME quirks, I run W7, and I must say that the majority of software is compatible one way or another, sometimes by use of application-defined 'compatibility mode'. Much, much better than Vista anyway. If you want some visual upgrades over xp, just switch.
29 Oct 09
That's useful information, thanks. However, I think that I'll stick with XP for my next machine. I'd like to stay with something that I know, at least until Windows 7 has been in service for a year or so. I'll use XP Professional 64 bit version, and there probably would not be a problem upgrading from that to Windows 7 at some point.
• United Kingdom
29 Nov 09
I would recommend that you check out the following link. If it doesn't work then you can copy the link and then paste it into your browser. Anyway, there is some invaluable information for you at this site. It's a free download that will scan your system and inform you as to whether there will be any incompatibility issues. Check this out before trying to upgrade to windows 7. Good luck. Andrew www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1B544E90-7659-4BD9-9E51-2497C146AF15&displaylang=en
• United Kingdom
29 Nov 09
Sorry! I forgot to add. The name of the program is called windows 7 upgrade advisor. Good luck. Andrew
• Germany
4 Nov 09
if you want to upgrade for the latest OS of windows just make a backup of your hard disk partition. and make sure that you meet the system requirements of windows 7.
• Canada
30 Oct 09
Actually, you cannot upgrade Windows XP directly to Windows 7. They are so different from each other in terms of the OS, the registry, the drivers, and other stuff, that it just won't work. If you want Windows 7, there's two things you can do: (1) Upgrade to Vista first. You don't need to buy the OS; you just need a trial version. You'll only be using for an hour or so, anyway. And then upgrade to Windows 7. Now, I'm not sure if there are going to be problems with this, so you may want to back-up your stuff and do research a little on this technique. I only heard about this technique and have not tried it out myself. (2) Keep your Windows XP until you're computer is old enough that you need to buy a replacement computer. By that time, all the new computers will have Windows 7 anyway. Windows XP is pretty secure anyway, so even if you still have XP after Microsoft stops giving support for it, you probably won't be having too many problems with it.
@mrchung (31)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 09
Don't be afraid to switch to windows 7, because it many drivers are already supported and application that run on windows xp compatible too much on windows 7. if you have any doubt, you can try a dual boot. and will be even better if you want to switch to open source Linux/GNU.