Finally, I got my internet up and running again

United States
October 28, 2009 4:20pm CST
After more than 3 days waiting, my DSL internet is up and running again. Gosh, what a suffering for these 4 days without computer and surfing the web. And it costed me a lot from those paid - to sites I signed up for. That wasn't my fault. The AT&T operator's fault. She cut off my internet service, which I specifically told her that I needed it. What a joke! and when I claimed to re - connect it; it gonna take 3 business days to do it? Somehow, I just want to file a complaint on AT&T website. But nowhere I could find any complaint link for customers. So, how would you file a complaint to AT&T? Through better business bureau?
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@hellcowboy (7380)
• United States
28 Oct 09
I am glad you got your internet back up,and I am not sure how you could complain I would try calling AT&T and asking to speak to a supervisor and tell them you want to complain because of the stupidity of one of their employees,and if that did not work I would probably go to the Better Business Bureau and I remember when we lost the internet on our laptop,and it took Time Warner like a day to get it back up,I was so mad because I wanted to use the internet,and I could not get any of the stuff done that I needed to like balancing mine and my wives checkbook so we could keep up with how much money we had,and it also meant I could not come on mylot.
@margaux08 (1094)
• Philippines
28 Oct 09
Hi there, Congratulations! Hurray! I share the same sentiments when I lost my internet connection during the time that our country was hit by tropicla storm and the sites were also down. It was really hard connecting to friends and relatives abroad and living far from our place, just to let them know how we were at that crucial time. From then on, I felt that internet is really my friend. As for your other question, yup, you can try to file your complaint through BBB. Happy Day!