why people get jealous

October 28, 2009 8:22pm CST
i can't help myself but to get jealous of the good life of other people. rich people don't have to work that hard because they have money. i want to have a life like that since my work is a very demanding one. but i also think that life without struggles are boring. do you agree?
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@vjsinduja (1035)
• Sri Lanka
29 Oct 09
Everyone has ups and downs in their life... Failure is the first and the next step to success. It's not that rich people don't have to work hard. They are the people who work more harder than other people to maintain the wealth and continue their status and find ways to earn more and more money... You know God is very intelligent... Ever one their life has some problem. A person might be rich be he may not be living family life or he might be having and illness. If he is ok, either his spouse or children might have problems... They may have life threats.... The child may not be good in his studies etc.. So in those cases even the rich has to fall on God's knees... A poor might have all expect for money... If he had money... he doesn't have to worry about anything else... So life is like that.. Each person is gifted with few things not ALL.. If u take me.. I completed my Bachelors in IT by 2008 December( 3 yr program) Just after I completed my 2nd year, I was on the look for a job... But up to now, I didn't get a job suitable to my qualification... So, because I didn't get a job for bachelor degree qualifications, I couldn't head up to MBA.. What's the use just studying when I don't have no where to use my skills... Apart from that, I have everything.. I am from a upper middle class family, so I have no probs with money for studies or anything else... Even if it comes to my marriage, my parents can take grandly... I am gifted with loving parents and and one sis and money.. but not a good job That's life... There is no point in being jealous... Being jealous you are not going to gain or lose anything... Try your level best to work towards if your financial status is not good....
29 Oct 09
hehehe yes you are absolutely right. maybe i'm just overwhelmed with my work.
@deepakde (156)
• India
30 Oct 09
Hello, I am appriciate with your Comments But you know well circumtenses are not same with each one. If we are a human beings so, it is naturally sufferd for a good life. but jealous can not give a chance to gain a gud life of ur
@xannebull (1800)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
some rich people have gone through struggles and a lot of hardwork before they reach the peak of their success, some are born rich but not contented of what they have, so just be contented of what you have right now and God will help you reach your dreams.
@Fulltank (2894)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
Its the nature of all man to be not contented on everything they have right now. We want more, and with this, jealousy arises. When its heavy raining in our place while others don't, we say I hope I could fly to that place and spent the whole day under the sun. Same goes the other way around. Its a simple jealousy, you know. And we can't get over it. "I hope I could write better than the best writer here in myLot so that I could have the biggest pay-out every month". See, my jealousy manifested as I write a response in your discussion.hahahah