Does variety of versions lead to inconsistency of English language?

October 29, 2009 6:40am CST
English is used as a lingua franca but it is neither British English or American English. This is one of the flaws in using English language. Confusion arises on which version of English language should used. In such particular word, there are various spelling and versions that are often times lead to inconsistency of the content. For me, versions are not the issue, the issue is that there should be policies and rules implemented by the UN in what version should be used. Through implementing policies, there should also a universal version of English language. Thus, uniformity in versions lead to unity and understanding. Hence, all dictionaries should have the same version in terms of spelling so that each and everyone can develop their vocabulary and can easily identify and understand words. Organizations that dealing languages should come up in one version so that version will not be the main problem in dealing English language.
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