changing self-perception - do you sometimes feel the same way?

October 29, 2009 9:09am CST
Hey everyone, Well, there's something I've really been trying to figure out for a while, but which I've never managed to find an answer to, because it only seemed to affect me. You ever get that when you feel amazingly motivated, happy, confident, smart, attractive (and other traits considered positive) and seem to be able to deal with every single situation you might get into? And your mind is flooded with useful information, positive thoughts, feelings etc - like when you're on drugs, except that you're not (not that I've been on drugs, but I suppose that's what it feels like) However, few days later you start feeling completely different, you become insecure, unconfident, uncreative, you even begin to develope inferiority complexes. your mood has altered too - you feel miserable, lethargic, depressed, easily irritable and you're just not content with the way things are. plus it's like everything on your mind has been removed too and you just can't think of anything to do, because things you considered fun before have become boring
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