virus detected in the laptop. help!

@jane9147 (252)
October 29, 2009 10:49am CST
yeah, don't know much about this stuff about removing virus using avg. i can't and don't understand what it says but it's like this: object name: C:\Windows\explorer(3728) detection name: Virus identified Worm/Autorun.CL object type: process SDK type: core result: infected T_T guys please help me with this. the virus was not moved to the virus vault. i don't know what to choose between the two options. to remove the selected infection or remove unhealed infection. ugh! i don't really understand. don't know what to with this. what will happen if i delete the virus? will the system crash? please help. thanks!
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• Philippines
23 Feb 10
the difference of totally deleting an infected file from just moving it to a vault, it that when something goes wrong with your system or application in particular, with sending the file to a vault, you can always restore it. but most of the time what i do since when you choose heal, i remove the infected file, just make sure though that you know the file being move is not in any way an important file of your system, and in your case, i hope it's not. so what you need to do is to rescan your system, if it detects any virus, try to heal it, if it doesn't work, try to totally remove.
@dekada80 (388)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
Just to make sure, get a second opinion like install another anti virus, you could try this, kaspersky internet edition. You can download the free trial edition, it works just like the retail edition. Install and make a full scan and lets see what it can do with that worm virus attached in your explorer file. Kaspersky internet security works better than AVG, nothing escapes from kaspersky at least with my experiences, it's worth a try and it's free.