does cell phone is good?

October 29, 2009 11:51am CST
hi friends here i have a think cell phones are good to our health?i think it is not at all good for us.if it is so, can you suggest any alternative to this cell phone?in my view land line is better than cell phones because doesn't make any damage to our health like cell phones.mostly electromagnetic radiation causes for damage to health.recently i heard it leads cancer also.what do you say?is it correct to use it?come on friends share with me....
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• India
1 Nov 09
well when u say that ceel phone is bad to health,i agree to u copmletely.but i guess cell phone is one of the most needed things for a person today.u cant alwayz use few occasions cell phone becomes very important.but if u think that it is not good for ur health than i would suggest u not to use it unnecessarily.use it when u have ti use it,dont quit it...
• India
29 Oct 09
I also heard that cell phone is dangerous for health. But I have to use it as it now a important part of my life. Yes there are some bad effects which we can not ignore. But there is not other alternative. Yes landline is there but we can not take landline everywhere. And cell phones are just not use for talking, nowadays they are also used for business. So I don't think we have alternative for them.
@jheiem (142)
• Philippines
29 Oct 09
cellphones are very useful in everyday lives thus it has a bad contribution to our health. it can cause cancer with our skin if you use it by taking a long call over the cellphone.
@LoriAn (120)
• United States
29 Oct 09
i think it does affect us emotionally because it is more easy to carry around so probably people are getting ignored and lots of people use it in public which to some people is very annoying.This is bad for our health also like my phone It is a little messed up.I notice it heats up a lot probably this could affect us.I have heard though dont know if true it causes guys to become sterlie if used to much.Hope this helps.