Which is the best search engine?

October 29, 2009 2:45pm CST
Internet is a source of information,it has many advantages and disadvantages.we can get almost all kind of information through internet by searching in a few seconds,search engines are the best way to find your targets..which is your favourite search engine? Which is the best search engine and why?
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@kykidd (6818)
• United States
29 Oct 09
Hi there Imsweet. I notice that you are kind of new to myLot, so let me send out a great big "WELCOME" to you! I would prefer to use either Mozilla Firefox or Opera. I have a tendency to use Mozilla the most because it seems to be so fast. I also like the fact that the search engine will try and finish what you are typing when you type it into the search box. Mozilla Firefox also has a number of other features that I haven't even begun to use. So there is always room to grow. I like Opera as well. I don't have a tendency to use it too often because I want it to continue to be fast. It is super fast compared to any other search engine that I have used. I also like the fact that the first page that comes up has 9 of my favorite pages listed on it. I don't think that I programmed it to do that, but I think I found a feature where I could remove it at one time. However, I find it very handy to get to the web site that I want to get to in a snap without setting just one specific web page or search engine as my home page. Opera rocks! By the way, did I mention that myLot is on that list of 9 sites that automatically pop up for me in Opera? Have a great day!