how can u define love

@rajka970 (176)
October 29, 2009 4:44pm CST
can any one say how love starts .. is it between aboy and girl is love or we can have between anyone .can any one distuingush the love between any one and the love between the boy and girl
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@didi13 (2921)
• Romania
6 Apr 12
Love is a feeling very special, unique and wonderful, that connects two people, no matter how big or small as the distance between the two of them. Love does not account for anything, she just loves. Love teaches us a lot and learn a lot from us. In love you can not ever get bored because every day something new to find one near you. Such love stories manage to keep the same intensity even over time, they had at first. When there is love between two people, a sincere love, they are very attentive to each other, studying each other and thus unintentionally their relationship becomes more interesting with each passing day. When these mysteries disappear, disappear completely and created about love between them is broken. Love without mysteries, becomes part of the banal, the ordinary things that surround them. But this mystery, maintains intense perfume of love, keeps the flame burning, nourish and sometimes makes it grow. Love is full of surprises, discovering something new every day on the partner, actually discovering something new about the world about you. So we now struggle to have and love stories as beautiful, wonderful world maintained by the mystery that binds us!
@nawanta (328)
• Indonesia
31 Oct 09
Love is giving yourself for the goodness of someone you loved.
• India
30 Oct 09
To me Love is the Oxygen. It inspires me and it gives me the strength to do something for my lover. I am a married man, she is also the same. But we love each other. If I can do something for her and see that she is satisfied/happy in my work, I feel great. We do not have any physical connection till today, but I think we are coming closer and closer and building trust. One day it may happen that we may not live apart and then we may join our hands. It only depends on God when he/she wants us to live together. That's the definition of Love to me. We may not meet everyday, but if we do not talk over phone, its impossible for us. But we do talk almost everyday and we have to continue like that till God makes us fully Happy. Thanks to God, because of him/her, ultimately after 24 years of marriage I found the actual Love.
• Indonesia
30 Oct 09
love is mystery in my life that i never knew the end ...