Life is only once , don't waste your time...Seize your dreams....

October 29, 2009 9:00pm CST
I am now seeing my old times..remembering how much time I have used for just worrying and without doing anything. So, I am now looking at myself and said...How I am sorry for the life that I have spent unpurposelly. So, if you have dreams in your life.. don't wait .. trying hard and belive that you will not sorry for not trying...
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@dorannmwin (36656)
• United States
30 Oct 09
You are absolutely correct. So many times we have dreams that are entirely attainable if we are to take the time to work towards them, but we don't take that time. This year has been a real turning point in my life. One of the dreams that I've had beyond owning a home (which I attained last year in February) is to be debt free. There aren't many people that achieve this goal in their lives as they live on credit cards. Well, my husband and I are working on this goal right now. We will be out of credit card debt in less than three and a half years and then we are going to take what we've been paying in credit cards and roll it into our house. Worst case scenario says that we will be completely debt free in ten years.
@Iriene88 (5346)
• Malaysia
30 Oct 09
Dear Riani, Great topic! Yes, cease the Moment! We live in this world temporary, and time passes by fast. We should live life to the fullest. I was given second chance to live in this world. Therefore, I do not want to waste my time worrying unnecessary things that beyond our control. We should live our dreams and achieve happiness. Thanks and all the best :)
@Gongfuboy (131)
• China
30 Oct 09
I warmly agree with you. How time flies! Most of us can't budget the time wisely and only impassively look at ourselve in the mirror. Though many predecessors have warned us time after time that time is money, nothing can compensate for the loss of time, we're still confused by our goal, our dream in life. Some people are afraid of the sense of difficulties ahead, some people make a very slack effort to achieve their goals. Seize your dreams, it's an easy slogan, but how many people could really live up to it?
@nawanta (328)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 09
I remember the Latin proverb for the ideas you've wrote. "Carpe Diem"... It means "the harvest day". our live is a harvest day. it's a time of joy. so, why don't we just enjoy the happiness prepared for us...
@raynejasper (2324)
• Philippines
30 Oct 09're right.. life should not be wasted.. we should live life to the fullest everyday because we don't know when our life ends.. We have to enjoy every opportunity that we are alive.. If we have our dreams, let's take each day as a step in reaching them.. To avoid regrets, we have to be careful in making decisions on what things to do and how to do it.. Some decisions will lead us to depression and regret if the result was bad.. That's why it is also necessary that we always prepare ourselves to any consequences that could be brought by our own decisions in life.. and every decision we make should also be a lesson for us so that we won't repeat the same mistakes again.. it is also necessary that we accept our mistakes and don't regret them because they will just pull you down.. mistakes should serve as stepping stone for us to become courageous and stronger so that we can overcome any obstacle that we will meet in our way towards the achievement of our dreams.. Enjoy and live life everyday as if it is the last day of our lives.. happy mylotting..