Will you accept the relation from your teacher?

@vincyk (198)
October 30, 2009 4:07am CST
I think around many of you this kind of things are common that a teacher falling in love with his student or a student crazily love her teacher.We often treat this kind of affair not so bright and a little immoral.What's your opinions and if your teacher has a crush on you.will you accept him/her?
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@lubeimao (118)
• China
30 Oct 09
For me ,it's depends.If the teater is young and handsome ,and i am not boring with him ,maybe i will accpect. But in my mind it is not really good for teachers have a crush on students.Maybe it will affect the whole class ,and bad for the rest of students.
@uiskana (138)
• Malaysia
30 Oct 09
Ha ha ha ha seriously no. For me it okay if teacher fall in love with student but for me i like younger girls than older woman.
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
30 Oct 09
...uummhh!! nah!! it's not nice to see, totaly inmoral for me and theirs a conflict of interest , why not finish your study first or one should give up and go to other school if they really love each other..
@victory12 (348)
• Nigeria
30 Oct 09
I don't like a teacher that fall in love with student, even if the student accept there will not be any respect between them and if a teacher crush me i will not accept