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October 30, 2009 5:52pm CST
I was thinking to myself now great it would be if we have a large group of person that work with one another to create long, quality subject threads and responses. If earnings are based on quality, I believe that one large, dedicated group of individuals could all help each other out. We know what is being sought, so let's deliver so that we all can benefit. I know there are many intelligent persons that post on this site. And I hope that maybe we can get enough persons up to really get the word out and produce a great, interesting site that many more will want to join. Ladies and gentlemen, there are 100,000 plus members already here. Imagine the possibility that we all have if we recruit into the millions and work together. I went to college and done well in the courses that I took and I done well in both micro and macro economics, but I am not some MBA type of business person. But I do know a possible goldmine when I see one. And ladies and gentlemen, there is so much potential here for everyone involved regardless of the reason that someone is here. If it is friends that are being sought, with the addition of more persons there will be a greater chance of finding someone that we could be friends with. If it is marketing for products or self-interests, a larger audience means more potential customers. This is a unique opportunity as the creator of the site has given us all an opportunity to not only help the site grow but also to profit along the way. If there is anyone that wants to work together and produce good, quality posts and subject threads, please post so that I will know who you are and I will be more than willing and happy to help you because in the end we all benefit.
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@swezax (5)
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30 Oct 09
QUALITY EARNING GROUP/QEG Great. I agree with you. I give topmost position to QUALITY in every field of life, though I commit many mistakes. Obviously only those who give a try can fail. Those who do not try ... let them be happy as they are. EARNING money is our necessity. Hence being likeminded and having the same goals, we and many others myLotters like us should join hand to this group and co-operate. I just coined above name of the group. The name can be changed appropriately on constructive suggestions. By the way, I invite you to be my friend. I am sending you my invitation. BEST WISHES & GOOD LUCK *** QEG***.
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31 Oct 09
Swezax, it ls always good to have another friend in the world, especially one that shares a common interest. I am rather disappointed that more persons didn't want to participate as a syndicate to promote a good, quality product that would benefit us all. But, still I'll help you along whenever I can and I am sure that there will be others that will join in the pursuit of making more money. Perhaps as I become more acquainted with everything here and learn the how and how not to's, the inside and out's, and the what to and not to say and do's, maybe I will be more successful. Thank you again swezax and good luck to you. We'll meet again throughout the forum. And myLotters is a good name. Hey, I just thought about something that sounds kinda cool in a way. If anyone else wants to join us in our pursuit of extra cash, maybe we could call ourselves The myLotters Syndicate. LOL LOL LOL Best wishes to you, my friend.