How many of u know about TULASI pooja? It was yesterday and how many of u done?

October 31, 2009 1:11am CST
As far as I know it's the Indians who perform this pooja and I want all of them to know about this...This pooja will be done to a TULASI the month as we say karthika masam on dwadashi...we tie saree to this plant wearing all the jeweleries we have and decorating with flowers and diyas....even we put mangalsutra....foot rings to the plant.... Everything....the main reason for doing this pooja is that to have a long life of our husbands and a happy family life ahead........We invite few women who have got married and we apply turmeric powder to their foot and give prasad and thambulam (coconut, blouse piece...any such thing it depends on how much we offer and with fruits and flowers) and take blessings from them.....
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