How I Can Get more friends and responses?

October 31, 2009 12:58pm CST
I need so many friends and responses. I need your help
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• India
31 Oct 09
Just be more active in discussions. Give good responses. As you give more responses you will be more visible to others. And many will become your friend in mylot. And you can also look out for friends in discussions. And about getting more responses, if you start a good discussion you will get good responses. Start a discussion in a right interest area. You will get more responses.
• Indonesia
2 Nov 09
thank's. I need more time to online
@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
31 Oct 09
Do what most of us did. We first went on 'friends' and then if there was a request for friendship, we said "yes." The second thing was to see what interests you the most or your most popular interests and see the profiles of the myLotters on those interests. Another thing to do is to go on to the interests and respond to those who share what you are interested in. For instance, suppose you love computers, then you press that computer one with the buy banging his head and you respond to one of the discussions. After a while, you will have so many friends you do not know what to do and when you start a discussion you will get a lot of responses.