Why people say "bless you" every time someone sneeze?

November 1, 2009 1:38am CST
My friend often say "bless you" every time I sneeze. I asked her why, but she didn't know it's just what she heard from her parents. So I was wondering what's the reason behind on this "bless you" thing. Hope to hear your opinions!
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• Boston, Massachusetts
1 Nov 09
Hi Careguarden, I am now used to saying it "anywhere" with someone who sneezed but honestly, i don't know the reason why it's being said so. As i browsed your discussion i am getting the feel of its reasons. Thanks for this discussion. At least now i have the idea why we say "bless you" every time someone sneezes.
• Philippines
2 Nov 09
You're very welcome msfrancisco. Me either know the meaning of it, after all your sharing. Because it's been a habit by so many people but don't really know why they're doing it.
• Boston, Massachusetts
3 Nov 09
This is a cool discussion and educational for me... thanks friend! Now i can share the reason for saying "bless you" to someone who sneezes with my other friends about
• United States
20 Jul 12
To my understanding it's a religious saying, inwhich a sneeze causes your soul to escape your body and by saying bless you it stops the soul from leaving?
• Philippines
22 Mar 12
In the Philippines, we don't say "Bless You" to people who sneezes. In the USA, it's like a common practice to say to those who sneezes. Since we don't usually say it, I don't bother saying it at all.
@hora_fugit (5411)
• India
1 Nov 09
Here people say 'sorry' if they sneeze. I tried it once but my sister didn't like it. It's a natural process... While sneezing you bend your head against the other person. Maybe that's why they say "bless you" :)