SMB - your first game

November 1, 2009 3:41am CST
If it was your first game write something about your feelings when you play it first time ;) For me it was something special an new :p I play a lot of time SmB but when i get new games i finish play smb... now my young brother (6years old) start playing with san andreas :p
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@Awsimo (5)
• Australia
10 Dec 09
Ahhh so many good memories. My first Mario game was super mario 64, although it was my first (and still my favourite)i have since played all mario games (except the spin offs) I remember gazing up to my glowing tv screen in wonder as a small man in red threw a giant fire breahing turtle into an exploding spikey thing, i remember watching the same man leap into paintings. Easily one of the most iconic figures of our generation.
@TipsyY (9)
• Latvia
4 Dec 09
ooooo yes I remember wen I was small I was playing this game end then my father take away computer from me :D:D:D
• United States
9 Nov 09
The first time I played Super Mario Bros. The original game for regular Nintendo was in 1992, at my godmother's house. Aside from the first time, I have beaten it many times since, don't play it much these days though. A classic though, and I will play it again sometime. ;) Of Course!