Mercy killing

@vincyk (198)
November 1, 2009 4:07am CST
Mercy killing is the act of painlessly killing a person who is seriously ill and who is going to die,in order to prevent him/her from suffering more pain.I think now person holds quite different opinions and those who support mercy killing insist that the patient has the right to make decisions about his own death and those who oppose thind that a doctor's duty is to preserve life in whatever way they can.So what's your attitude to the mercy killing?
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@allknowing (86829)
• India
1 Nov 09
It is the misuse of allowing mercy killing that makes any governmen think twice about this. Suffering due to terminal illness or whatever has been there from time immemorial and the fact that there is hesitation speaks volumes of the fear that exists with the powers that be. Not all patients will be in a state of mind that they can order their own killing. There is a thing called living will where one can make a will when they are healtnhy opting for mercy killing should the situation demand it but at the same time one never knows about the recovery miracle that we hear so much about. Also not all family members could be above board when it comes to saving the life of their so called dear ones specially those with vested interests. I would rather that a person is not kept on wires to prolong his life. Even if he comes back to life he will be a vegetable as many of his organis would have failed. Rather than kill a person doctors should be vigilant about which patient can be brought back to good health by using the methods that are so prevalent which are called life supports.