The most scary horror movie you have ever watched.

@bluray (408)
November 2, 2009 4:16am CST
Have you ever watched a horror movie all alone in the dark?how was your experience. were you really afraid. as for me I really dont like watching horror movie.The most scary movie i saw was EVIL DEAD,when I was in was terrifying.
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• Canada
3 Nov 09
I like watching horror films and but the scariest one for me was the sixth sense because it was something that was freaky yet I could believe in.
@rcanessa (26)
• Curridabat, Costa Rica
2 Nov 09
For me the best terror movie ever made is the exorcist. Why? Because it was so well done that it can scared you without the rivers of blood that use the terror movies in these days. I mean, a good horror movie doesn`t need to show destroyed bodies and a lot of blood to be good. The exorcist is scary but without the exageration of modern movies.
@pede_22 (385)
• Philippines
2 Nov 09
Yeah, i watched a horror movie; UNDERWORLD. It's very bloody and of course, scary. The story was so nice... Although, you felt the tension and thrilling of the movie but still it would make you bring into their field of lives... The sound effects were so nice... VERY HORROR!!! HOH! Happy myLotting!
• India
2 Nov 09
Dr giggles....freaked me out in school!!I cudnt sleep for the entire week...i felt as if he was out there to get me!!!I used to hide inside the closet so he wudnt find me!!lol...
@cybercop (129)
• India
2 Nov 09
i like many horror movie some are the ring, the eye, and psycho, i like them most!!!!!
@Linz1368 (13)
2 Nov 09
I used to be a big horror movie fan, watching anything and everything, with Freddy Kruger up there at the top. Watched "The Exorcist" at 13 when my pal's sister rented it for us....god it was grose. "The Entity" and "Poltergeist" were other favs in my teenage years but now I'm a big wimp who can't stomache scares the same!!