Do you check for dents when buying canned goods?

November 2, 2009 6:19am CST
We were in line at the supermarket today and we were behind this lady. The line had been long and I was already bored, so I was watching while the cashier ran up her items. I noticed then that the can of Spam she bought was dented, and she didn't seem to mind. In our case however, we are very particular about it. We don't buy canned goods with dents, and we always check for dents before getting something off the shelf. My dad just picks stuff up and so we usually check what he gets and return the cans with dents. I read somewhere that if a can gets dented, some sort of substance gets released inside the can, which is potentially harmful. I'm not sure about how true this is, but we were already in the practice of not getting dented canned goods even before we read about that. What about you?
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@oyenkai (4396)
• Philippines
14 Dec 09
I certainly prefer canned goods without dents. That's because canned goods with dents usually make it very difficult to open them. Because the dents get in the way of the can opener. However, if the dent is on the side of the body instead of the top, I wouldn't mind it. I'm more sensitive of the cleanliness of the cans: dirty cans usually means they were stored in dirty places and I wouldn't want to get whatever sickness the cockroaches or rats they had in their warehouse.
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• Philippines
22 Dec 09
I totally don't tolerate dents, but I agree with you, I also check the cleanliness of the can. I especially hate seeing rusted ones, i mean why are they still selling them? LOL, anyway, thanks for responding!
@marguicha (133437)
• Chile
3 Nov 09
Thamnks for the post! I don´t buy many canned food but from now on I´ll be more careful. I have noticed that at supermarkets many times a can falls and someone picks it up not checking how it is. Happy posting!
• Philippines
3 Nov 09
Yeah, I guess some people are just not particular and are unaware of the potential dangers. Thanks for responding!
• United States
2 Nov 09
I never thought of when the can was dented that the inside of the can has aluminum in it also and can get into the food that is in the can. I guess when im grocery shopping i will be checking for dented cans and not purchase them. I don't think i really ever buy cans that are dented because when i take them out of the pantry they always seem to be not dented and in well condition. Thanks for your information and i will be on the look out to not buy dented can goods for now on.
• Philippines
3 Nov 09
You're welcome, and thanks for responding!