How often do you witness an accident ?

United States
November 2, 2009 9:28am CST
Well last fortnight i was in a cafe and there i saw a school bus badly colliding with a couple riding on a scooter . It was a real bad yet they survived with miniature injuries ! I dont know why but i often witness a lot accidents usually . What about you when was the last time you witnessed one and how was it !
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@mdaazam (826)
• Indore, India
2 Nov 09
Oh yeah but i witnessed myself instead i do this all the time sometimes i clash into a cyclist or ram at pedestrian or sometimes loose control , slip and collode to the wall like stickers to refrigerator and even sometimes when my luck is very good to do any of stupid things like above someone else takes me with him in the air !lol The last time was day before yesterday i slipped and broke my indicator(my bike i mean) ! Thanks and nice question demonic !
@weasel81 (2500)
• Australia
2 Nov 09
i remember last time i saw an accident, i was on my way home from work. had the next day off and was looking forward to roast at mums. i'd been following a truck for quite a while and we'd just gone through a small town getting ready to speed up again and there was this shower of something and the truck stopping. i stopped and couldn't find my hazard lights. i thought the truck blew a tyre, but it hadn't it had hit a car. the couple in side were ok, shaken mainly. one bloke cam cause he heard the accident, and we tried phoning 000 but got now where on getting help from them on getting emergancy people out there. i was eventually let go, to go home and rang my mum on i was going to be really late getting up there. they haven't changed much of what was the particial cause of the accident. not much happens out here, hit a few kangaroos and they do more damage to the car than anything.