MSN is a convenient tool for chatting online friends,which tools do you use chat

November 2, 2009 9:37pm CST
Chat our friends use the online chatting tool is very convenient now, I like use the MSN to chat my friends. Now more and more online chatting tool, like QQ, Skype, MSN, Yahoo etc, which tools do you like to use chat with your friends?
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@youless (112263)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Nov 09
I have all the chatting softwares you mentioned. But I still like MSN the most. As I think seldom strangers will bother me when I use MSN. I found that there are quite a lot of strangers bother me when I turn on QQ. I don't have many friends in Skype, and I only use it when I make a phone call. I love China
• Qatar
23 Nov 09
I use only MSN. I have yahoo also but I don't chat on it.
• United States
3 Nov 09
I use MSN for everyday talking, Yahoo for the chatrooms, Skype for talking to my international friends, and IRC for other stuffs :)
• Qatar
23 Nov 09
oh a multi user!
@zandi458 (28102)
• Malaysia
3 Nov 09
I use yahoo messenger to chat online. It is more user friendly. But gmail is also quite convenient place to chat.
@kykidd (6812)
• United States
4 Nov 09
I have one friend or two that I will chat frequently with on Yahoo Messenger. There used to be a few that used the AOL Instant Messenger. Now, it seems that most people are switching to the messenger on Facebook. I'm not logged into Facebook that long, so I haven't used it too much. But I have a time or two when I haven't felt like working and have seen a friend that I wanted to get caught up with online.
• Philippines
11 Nov 09
While I'm at office, I use MSN because our company prefer to use this one. But I personally prefer Yahoo Messenger because it is more friendly. And this tool is the first chat tool I use ever since.
• Singapore
19 Feb 10
I always use MSN messenger to chat with my friends. QQ is a main messenger for mostly people in China. Skype is actually more for actual conversations, not really for instant messaging. I prefer to use instant messaging so that's why I use MSN messenger.