long time no see!

@izhuce13 (160)
November 2, 2009 11:30pm CST
long time no see!have you ever hear this?and how did you response?
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@greenline (14848)
• Canada
12 Nov 09
Hello. This is a very popular way of expressing "disappointment" ! And, it is used in many countries. Whenever I vist a foreign country, after some long time, everybody greets me "Hey, long time no see !". In fact, that is an expression of disappointment, and at the same time conveys the message that they are glad to see me. We all smile then, to be happy together !
@anning (88)
• China
3 Nov 09
it is a chinese patten to say that it is a long time for us since we have seen each other. it is very common in china
@syankee525 (6293)
• United States
3 Nov 09
yeah i will use it with friends that i havent seen for awhile
@eLsMarie (4347)
• Philippines
3 Nov 09
well i really don't find this phrase surprising anymore because we often use this as a joke whenever we don't get to see our friends for a couple of hours or so... :D but whenever i got the chance to meet my friends from a very long time, i just say this word normally and whenever they tell me this phrase, i just smile... :D