hurreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im in top four

@fl0urish (5385)
November 14, 2006 11:44am CST
hahhaha im very happpppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyy thank GOD i made it .....
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@atulleo25 (484)
• India
17 Jan 08
Great job, that you have reached upto here.
@usmcsgtwife (4997)
• United States
22 May 07
@lynd0n (226)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
Congratulations. Is it top 4 in your class? Good for you. May you have more success.
@ibsnet (1268)
• India
13 Apr 07
It's great to be in that position. Congratulations. Though I am newbie to mylot but I wonder how much time it took to get in top 4.
@makingpots (11916)
• United States
3 Apr 07
Top four here on myLot? That is awesome if you are. Does the amount you get paid increase as your rank increases?
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
You've been in Top 4 of what? You haven't put any details about it. Please put some details about it alright? But anyway, I wanna congratulate you for being in Top 4 in something. You sounds like you're happy so Congratulations for whatever you achieved. Cheers and have a nice day ahead from Francis.
@Fragile (361)
• Philippines
16 Nov 06
top - top
Wow! How did ya make it? Wanna share some inputs?=)
@tmnjyk (3486)
• Canada
16 Nov 06
top four of what?
@pancra (455)
• Argentina
14 Nov 06