what do u do when u feel nervous?

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@chekoz (284)
November 14, 2006 11:48am CST
i just try to focus
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
12 Feb 07
I find it very difficult to stay calm when I am nervous. So the thing that I find myself doing when I become nervous is I will take a few deep breaths. I find by breathing in & out like this it helps to calm my nerves slightly. I also will sometimes use positive self talk as well. I will tell myself that everything is going to be okay & that everything will work out somehow in the end. I as well will sometimes tell myself out loud to just 'relax' while taking deep breaths. I find this sometimes truly does help to work for me when it comes to trying to calm my nerves. I also sometimes will imagine myself being somewhere that I'd like to visit or my favorite place in general that I enjoy going to. For example sometimes I will picture myself on a warm sandy beach on a hot summers day. And I will picture myself walking on a beach with the water slowly brushing up against my legs or feet. Or sometimes as well I will sometimes picture something from my childhood that had made me happy. Such as living in an old city or town that I used to live in. Where most of my childhood spent there was filled with good memories, & I can remember how carefree I had felt. I find remembering the positive parts about my childhood helps to calm my nerves when I am nervous about something at that point in time. I find being able to do this helps me to forget about why it is that I am nervous, even if it is for a little while. I find that these tactics usually work for me & I recommend trying them to anyone. Sometimes if I am really nervous I will put on some music or listen to my music through my head phones. I try to listen to music that will relax my nerves, or music that is more mellow. I find by doing this it helps to control my nerves & sometimes even listening to an upbeat song helps me to take my mind off of my nerves for a little bit. I think music truly can help us with any emotion or trial we may be facing in life or having to face in life. Sometimes if I find the situation I am in is making me nervous or making my nerves to out of whack. I will allow myself to step outside for a little bit so that I can get a little fresh air. I find sometimes just going outside & getting some fresh air helps me to re-collect my thoughts.. As well.. Sometimes the situation or place that you are in at the time can also make you rather shaky, so I find being able to just walk away from the situation for a little bit.. Has helped me to feel a lot calmer. I know that this has worked for me quite a bit.. In conclusion.. I have found all of the things I have listed above have been able to help me in some way or another when I become to nervous.. I have found by using these things each time when I am nervous has helped me to get rid of my bad case of the jitters sometimes. I have found if one gets a system going it can help a person quite a bit in thee end. I think that its all a matter of finding out what works for you. At least this is what I have found! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
@pendragon (3351)
• United States
14 Nov 06
I get a stomach ache and a dry mouth,lol.
@Hemant83 (1281)
• India
14 Nov 06
whenever i feel nervous.... i sit alone.. and trying to remember happy moments in my life..