work abroad or be w/ my son

@vcvvmv (24)
November 3, 2009 7:03am CST
here is a a single mom w/ no job..n really want to work even in abroad..but i also want to be w/ my son when he grows up.n i dnt knw what to do..i want to give him a good future but to be away w/ him or just b w/ him but i cant give him a nice life..if you are me..what would you do?
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@michael74 (122)
• Singapore
4 Nov 09
Hello vcvvm, I definitely understand what you feel, Im also working overseas but right now im with my family. But you know what, we want to go back to our country even we know it will be quite difficult. Honestly like you, i would not want to leave my son. I want to be wih him as he grow up. My contract ends august next year thats why as early as now im trying to look for a possible source of income for my family so that by the time we go home atleast we have something to start with. Try to think of some other way to earn without leaving your son. He needs you more than ever,specially you're a single parent. Pray for strength and guidance. Good luck and God bless!