What is Your favourite Call of Duty Game?

November 3, 2009 7:10am CST
My favourite Call of duty is World at War at the moment but im sure it will change oce Modern warfare 2 comes out. I love World at war because of it's realistic gameplay and it's almost never-ending amount of goals in multiplayer. What is your favorite Call of Duty game and why?
4 responses
@csabiCZ (194)
• North Korea
7 Feb 10
My favorite in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.It's not long but it's fantastic,the story the map desings... and also the multiplayer is awesome.I really enjoyed this game.
• Australia
13 Feb 10
I agree, modern warfare is great. I believe in my own opinion that the second is better though.
@borg246 (539)
• Malta
5 Dec 09
I always loved 1st person shooter games. Not only does it help me to relieve stress by killing other players but it also makes me happy. Call of Duty 2 used to be my favourite but then when call of duty 4 came out, it was my new favourite. Between Modern warfare 2 and modern warfare, I would have to say I prefer the original modern warfare because I find it the most fun. Also, since I have lots of experience, it makes me good at the game. Call of duty will always be the best first person shooter games. Viva Call of Duty!
• Australia
6 Dec 09
Yes, first person shooters are great to take your mind off things and they're really fun too. I like modern warfare 2 better than the original but I actually haven't played the original so I can't really relate but Modern Warfer 2 is awesome!
@solson (406)
3 Nov 09
I would have to say Zombies. I know that its a mini game, but its the best mini game ever. My friends and i when there is nothing to do or it it bad weather will play that game all day. It never seems to get old i love it. I have not played it in a while, and now come to think of it i can not wait to get home and play it.
• Australia
3 Nov 09
Yes, zombies is one my favorite parts of World at War for sure especially Der Riese which came with map pack 3.
• India
7 Nov 09
the most i lke is call of duty world at war in call of duty series... on of my favorite war game...i also like call of duty 2, i played this game more than 5 times....
• Australia
7 Nov 09
Yes, I love world at war the most so far too, I love sniping the most on multiplayer.