Sims 2 expansion packs

United States
November 3, 2009 7:49am CST
A couple of months ago, I finally bought & installed the Sims 2 on my computer. I'm really enjoying the game. I bought the "Nightlife" expansion pack for it as well because I wanted my Sims to be able to go on dates, visit the Downtown area, and for them to be able to slow dance with each other. Now I'm thinking about adding another expansion pack. I'll probably get "Pets" or "Seasons" next. "Open For Business" also looks interesting to me. Which of the Sims 2 expansion packs is your favorite and why?
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• Estonia
19 Mar 10
My favorite expansion pack is "Seasons" and "Pets". The reason is that I think the game wouldn't look so real without these expansions. Changing seasons and adoptable pets are the ones that bring it closer to the real life. I also like the feature of pets that allows them to go to work. It looks a bit weird, but it's still good that your pet can earn a little something for you.
@csabiCZ (194)
• Romania
6 Feb 10
My favorite expansion packs are Seasons and Freetime.In both of them you can do a lot of stuffs,you get a lot of new places to go,interactions and a new objects. I really love seasons because you get weather,in each season you can do different things,you can grow plants,you can sell them or eat them. In Freetime you get a lot of cool stuffs,your sims have hoobies like:nature,music&dance,science...etc.If you build your hoobie high enough you can go to some secret place.
• Indonesia
28 Dec 09
I love Pets and Open For Business. In Pets I can create many cute dogs and cats also I can have hamster and birds. In Open For Business I can make money from my house and sell everything and get rich quickly. Also I love the Nightlife, I can buy a car.
• United States
25 Dec 09
I loove the Sims 2.I have few expansions and my favorite I think it'll be seasons and pets. I have the open for business,but it'll be too complicated if you try to open your own business.Still I love all of them.Seasons is a very fun can do lots of stuffs too haha