Trekpay Unresolved Ticket - Any help here?

November 3, 2009 8:57am CST
I am having a rather bad experience with trekpay. I was working on the site for almost 5-6 weeks and finally when i reach the payout minimum, i have a message status saying my account is on hold by the trekpay multiple ip cheat team for review. I do use a dynamic ip connection and there is no problem with it as per their rules saying as long as i use a single account, there is no problem if i use a dynamic ip or different computer. Yet my account was on hold and as instructed, i opened a ticket to explain this. I never got a reply. I opened a total of three tickets and after almost two weeks i get a response saying the team has not yet replied admin of trekpay and my concern will be re forwarded. Its been almost a month and though i send a reply to the ticket asking about my account state, i haven't got a reply back. Any idea what this is all about? Anyone with such state too in trekpay? Please share your thoughts. I am not clicking on the ads there anymore since i am not sure if i will ever get paid for my work or get suspended for no fault in the end!
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@monouu (2608)
• Singapore
4 Nov 09
Oh that is bad to hear as I am also using dynamic IP. I don't have any problem with many GPT sites except a few but those admins are understanding when I told them about what is going on with this dynamic IP and they unblocked my accounts after my explanation. I hope Trek pay's admin know how to deal with dynamic IP issue as well.
• India
5 Nov 09
hey monouu, i don't think they do have a good way to interact members. Its really a bad thing to let open tickets unanswered for long and still they just don't seem to care about problems of their members that much as many do. :( They do pay and many are happy with it. But not all are.
@scififan43 (2437)
• United States
3 Nov 09
I can help you here. I have never been to this site. I hope you get your problems resloved though.
• India
3 Nov 09
You "cant" help you meant.. :) No problem. I just hope there is someone who has been through my situation here.