Highestt number of comments?

@hireshd (492)
November 3, 2009 10:24am CST
I am very happy that I earned highest number of comments for my blog, this is th first time I could have such a huge of number of comments. What makes a post interesting to myotters, which results in more comments?
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@owlwings (44211)
• Cambridge, England
3 Nov 09
I presume that you mean 'discussion' rather than 'blog'. I don't know that there is anything that one can define that makes one discussion more interesting than another. I have seen very similar discussions (at different times) some of which get many responses while others get hardly any. Some of the difference is certainly due to the time of day the discussion is posted. Even though this is an International site, there certainly seem to be times when it is less busy than others. Things that will certainly help you to get more responses are: 1) Make sure that the topic is one that many people will be familiar with and are likely to be interested in and have plenty to say on. 2) Think carefully about how you phrase your discussion. You have to engage people and prompt them to write descriptively. Make sure you include at least one question using one of the 'wh' words ('when?', 'where?', 'who?', 'what?', 'why?' or 'how?') 3) Be careful about using as good English as you can. Don't use 'txt' contractions, such as 'u' for 'you' and so on. These are not good English and put many people off from responding because they show that you haven't taken care with your discussion. 4) Make your title short and relevant to your discussion. It works something like a headline in a newspaper: it should make people want to read further. 5) When you get responses, always try to comment on them (though not all responses merit a comment). Your discussion topic should be something that you, too, have a lot to say on. What transforms a mere question-and-answer session into a discussion is when you can find something to say about the answers you get. Posting comments on responses also keeps the discussion 'in the air': it will generally remain on the first page of 'Recent discussions' every time you post a comment. Don't forget that you also earn for comments! 6) Build up your list of friends by adding people who are likely to have something to say on the topics that interest you. Spend time responding to their discussions, too. 7) Don't be tempted to post the same (or a similar) discussion again if the first one didn't get many responses. It's possible that your topic just wasn't interesting enough in the first place! That's life, and even if the subject is dear to your heart, it may not be quite so interesting to others. If you got even one response, see point 5 - you may be able to revive it!
• United States
3 Nov 09
I have found that advice questions lead to a lot of repsonses for me. Also, Q&A questions. what is the deal with blogging on here. I have not ventured to explore it yet. Do you earn money like with discussions?