Have you ever experienced a paranormal activity?

November 3, 2009 2:47pm CST
I have memories not so clear to me of visions of seeing beings not of our world. I think they are mostly childish fiction but sometimes it makes me have second thoughts as the images were quite real. The visions repeatedly haunted me when I was young, from my dreams to my experiences in dark places. The visions stopped when I started school so I think it went away with maturity. When I reached college, I had friends who were so fond of ghost hunting. We'd go to abandoned hospitals, dormitories or even trek mountains. At first, everything seemed to be nothing. But one day, after visiting an old colonial village, a vision of a friar in brown cloak smiling at appeared. Even my friends saw it and there were seven of us all in the room. The vision disappeared a few seconds after. That happened while we were all sleeping. The owner of the house did confess that some ghostly visions would appear to their guests once in a while. Now I'm working and stay at my own condo unit. Everything was quite for awhile until one night I awoke and realized that my place is not like how I left it before I fell asleep. I mean I'm the only one staying there. All the windows were wide open, the curtains were tied to a knot, and one of my slippers was on top of the toilet seat. All these I don't do normally. I hate opening the windows and curtains because it was too noisy outside. When I told this story, people said maybe I sleep walked. I have never sleep-walked before and I find it odd that I will be having that now that I'm older. I watched the trailer of a movie that will be released soon. It's called "paranormal activity", Do you believe in those? What is your weirdest paranormal experience?
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• Philippines
5 Nov 09
we just had one earlier in the office bry...the breathing guy in the meeting room. Well, we were having a discussion and suddenly we heard heavy rash breathing (like someone in deep sleep)...and everyone just stopped talking, held their breaths and stared at each other and the breathing went on for a while and stopped. Creepy!