Who Plays Civ 4?

United States
November 14, 2006 11:56am CST
I bought it a while back and never really played it. Recently I've begun playing it and I love it. It is by far the best in the Civilization series. Your thoughts?
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• United States
8 Dec 06
I love this game! That said, I do have one prob with it. I had to upgrade my computer to play it and my computer is only 2 years old, just kida stinks. But I do love the game the grapics are great. I also wish that some of the features found in civ 3 would be brought back. That and more choices for leaders,they need more women leaders, but mabey I think that because I am a women. :)
• Philippines
9 Dec 06
yah, my PC is also 2 years old. But i have upgraded it a little...civ4 uses to much resources on your PC, from graphics to memory...civ4 will hog it..but anyway still a very nice game..there are already woman leaders but not many as you wanted.. nice game
@feliniti (875)
17 Apr 07
I love the game, but having said that it's easy to lose a lot of time playing it. I agree with Cristlegirl they need more women leaders, for sure. Have any of you tried any of the modifications? they are quite tricky to add on, theres not just an installer like some games, but once you get the hang of editing the files (just follow instructions like I did) you can get a lot more out of the game. I also found out I was more of a warmonger than I originally realised. When I first started playing the game I tried to avoid war at all costs and eventually found out that it was essential to the game, and heck sometimes I actually enjoyed beating up those enemies! lol. Lots of fun, but as I said lots of wasted hours. Great graphics too.
• India
23 Jun 10
its a worst game....a time killing game.......well at first i enjoyed playing...problem is we have to win in limited turns.........its very difficult....i tried in most simple but cant able to win.........
@incus99 (1085)
• Philippines
21 Jun 10
Civilization 4 is by far the best civ series... Sid Mieir is a genious.. I love the AI console where u negotiate... so realistic.. the only thing thats been downgraded are Wonders video which I feel should be more elaborate because of the relative difficulty in building one.... I say its the best strategy game ever to hit PC history.....keep playing Civ4
@davao082 (87)
• Philippines
7 Dec 06
I really like the game...good graphics..an upgrade to the previous civilization 3, but some aspects of the game that where present in civ 3 where not available in civ 4. Buildings like coastal fortress are not availbe in civ 4, and some other things I can only remember when I'm playing it..But nevertheless, the AI is much more advance, even the barbarians are good..I have not yet stop playing it. Excellent game..recommended for players who like to play long games..