Trying to earn $1077...NEEDS HELP

United States
November 3, 2009 8:06pm CST
My friend and I are trying to earn $1077 by June 25 of this year to go to a twilight convention. We need $289 for tickets, we are spliting the hotel cost and my half is $238, we estimate about $150 to get a dress for the ball, and about $400 extra for the 4 days we will be there. Obviously we need to buy the tickets before hand, and would like to reserve the hotel room before hand as well. I get paid $360 over the course of this year for grades, about $425 for Christmas and Bday, and about $80 for allowance over the year. In total this is $865 out of $1077 so I still have to earn $212 and the only ideas I have are...1-I am getting a table at my brothers santa shop selling jewelry that I make, I have started selling that online on my website, and on a craft site called etsy, I also had a garage sale, and am selling what's left over on craigslist. If anyone else has an idea other than the typical-babysitting/mowing lawns then that would be a big help. I am also too young to get a real job like working a McDonalds or something.
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