A religious person enjoys mental happiness more.

@borhan (1344)
United States
November 3, 2009 9:49pm CST
What i believe is that religious people enjoy mental happiness more. They follow the rules regulations, bindings of the religion more and thats why they possess a mental satisfaction about their duties toward The creator. A true religion pactitionar obeys the dos and donts of his religion. That makes him to feel more happy.
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@veejay19 (3590)
• India
4 Nov 09
If a religious person sticks to the basic do`s and don`ts and practises his religion with sincerity and honesty, then he will progress forward on the spiritual path.He only has to be careful to see that he does not fall into the trap of fanaticism wherein he forces others to convert to his religion at the same time decrying all other religions as false and only his religion to be true, which is happeneing nowadays.All religions give the same message to mankind, to live in peace and with brotherly feelings of love and kindness to all.Religion is only the steppingstone towards spirituality which enables the spiritual aspirant to move forward and reach the ultimate goal of mankind,Self Realisation.