Have you ever had a cafine headache?

United States
November 3, 2009 10:13pm CST
I have gotten a caffine head ache and it was not fun. I drank caffine every day and one day I stopped drinking it and I instantly got a head ache. This was a shock to me. I immedately drank some soda with caffine in it and I was instantly fine. I felt alot better and head ache free. Now I am afraid to not drink caffine. I don't want that caffine head ache back. I hate head aches. I want to prevent them. I wish I had not drank so much caffine. I would not have these caffine headaches when I don't drink stuff with caffine.
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@aquariand (466)
7 Jun 10
If I drink too much coffee I get headaches but I do enjoy my morning coffee as the caffeine in it wakes me up. if I have those energy drinks that have caffiene in them I do get headaches so have to steer clear from them. I much prefer a still fruit drink to the caffeine one's.
• Indonesia
4 Nov 09
No, I don't like caffeine. I think it's equal with thing if you stop consuming it you will get a bad side effect. This reason is why I don't consume this stuff. If you wanna stop consuming it, try to drink the water the pure water. And the green tea without sugar. It will help you to stop consuming this.