United States
November 3, 2009 10:20pm CST
I have a new boyfriend, and I do like him a lot but sometimes I find myself confused by him. He worries a lot. He also complained he felt that the nicknames were one sided, but I'm not used to calling people sweetheart/baby/sugar/etc... it isn't my nature. Mily and solnychko maybe but something like schnookums? No. He makes plans involving me waaaaay into the future. I just feel like he's not just on the relationship train but maybe in the relationship race car.
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@wmraul (2552)
• Bucharest, Romania
4 Nov 09
It seems you have different "speed". Not to many can be done, if none of you is not ready to find a compromise solution .. Oh, yes, should be both of you ready to negociate.
• Singapore
4 Nov 09
if that is how you feel, why dont you tell him? not on a defensive tone, but with a soft tone. Tell him that you like him a lot (or even love), but things are going too fast..and it's making you uncomfortable. Explain to him that you are not loving him less just because you dont want to call him schnookums. it's better for you to share with him your feeling rather than be committed to a relationship that's going too fast, and for him to be so dependent on you.