Seizures in Dogs... anyone?

seizure in dog diagram - A diagram when dogs are experiencing seizure. Brain activity.
@d00d00 (826)
Hong Kong
November 4, 2009 1:55am CST
Does any of you here owns a dog who experiences seizures? I have one. When he was 2 months old he fell from the 2nd floor of our house down to the 1st floor. We all thought he would die. But as we brought him to the vet, he was checked and had some labs and xrays done, and no problems were noted. But not until 3 days ago (the dog's 6months old already), that he started to have seizures. These seizures were frequent, with only one hour interval between the next episode. So, I brought him to the vet, and they explained that this was probably due to the trauma he experienced from falling months ago. They started him on phenobarbital, and thank god, by today the seizures have stopped already. I just hope they wont recur. But as I've browsed thru the net, most likely these seizures would be a life-long problem for these kinds of dogs. Any of you have the same experiences? Please share it with me so that I can understand the situation better.
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@Hatley (164170)
• Garden Grove, California
12 Jul 16
I no longer have a dog but though mine did not experience those seizures I have seen it happen to a friends doa.
• United States
5 Nov 09
Awww I am so sorry to here that! We used to have a male husky who had seizures. We had meds we had to give him to keep them under control. Although sometimes meds dont help. As long as the dog is happy and has good quality of life he will be fine. Use seizure meds and hope for the best. ~May The Kisses Of An Angel Cover And Protect You Always!~ Copper
@gabs8513 (48708)
• United Kingdom
4 Nov 09
I have had Dogs all my Life and no they have never had these I now have a little Dog, who is a rescue Dog that I got 4 years ago and who had been badly mistreated and he has a Heart murmur he also has breathing trouble and Fits through this sometimes the first time he had it I panicked as I had never had that with any of my Dogs before But now even though it is very scary I know what I have to do I hope your Puppy stay seizure free now it is so sad
• United States
4 Nov 09
i don't know if this will be helpful but my best friend has a golden lab that has had seizures in something like six month intervals his whole life but it has never effected him negatively and hes a very happy healthy dog otherwise. all we do if theres someone around when hes seizing is make sure he doesn't hit himself on anything or swallow his tongue stuff like that.
@chris33 (24)
• United States
4 Nov 09
I have 4 daschunds and 1 of them, (junior) has had seizures since he was just a few months old. I was told that it is common in daschunds, but (charlie), had just one and not anymore that i know of. Junior has had i don't know how many, I also thought that he would end up with some sort of brain damage, but he is still the same sweet, lovable dog and his demeanor is still the same now as it has always been. My dog didn't suffer any kind of trauma that caused the situation, as far as i know. It could be a genetic thing.