How many of you are caring about the body size?

@LisaGuo (242)
November 4, 2009 3:00am CST
I just read a short diary in someone's blog.This diary is about body size.This little woman doesn't care much about the body size,but her beloved husband cares about it extremely. I don't know if all ladies care about the body size,and pay much attention to diet.I feel horrible about that kind life.If you wanted to eat meat,you have to control yourself.BAD!! Do you care about your body size and keep slim??
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@xiangd (63)
• China
7 Aug 10
Ye,I care about my size though I'm a man,I think it's important for a man to keep slim specially before wedding,in despite of man or woman. someone believe that it's better for boy to be a little fat ,they think that would make his woman find safety. I don't think so ,what is the "safety",you have enough power to fight and win other male? Nowadays this world need your more ripeness and wisdom,not your sturdy muscle. I don't agree to do unhealthful things to keeping size,for example dieting overly. I'm a little thin but I'm health very much. By the way ,sometimes one's body size decide by different people,someone looks better if he is slimmer and someone looks more beauty if he is fatter, it's research that a lot of male like plumpy girl than thinner girl ,specially as their wife.
@airakumar (1555)
• India
20 Apr 10
I think, one should always care about the body size. I do care about my body and try to be healthy not slim. I eat well and do exercise daily. I take a walk after dinner and avoid eating much outside especially oily food. Instead of trying to meet society’s impossible standards of female beauty, give yourself affirmations on how special you really are. Find the peace and serenity of your life, buried though it may be under many layers. Accept this place where you are on your life’s journey and live with joy and relish.
@carmelbg (521)
4 Nov 09
I try to keep myself in shape. I feel unhappy when I gain weight as I don't feel I look good. I am quite slim and even a little bit of weight gain can show. I can't diet as I hate it, I always feel like I am denying myself. I just exercise more if I gain a little weight. I usually pikle a little weight on over winter as I eat a lot of stodgy comforting food. I then aim to lose the extra weight before bikini season kicks in.