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November 4, 2009 4:45am CST
It's a long time I have to live bymyself.Because my girlfriend leave me alone so I have a bad time everyday,I feal the word is down and I begin to can't to have meal.Because I very miss her I feal
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• Romania
4 Nov 09
i'm sorry for that but you must thinck that life goes on and you are not the only one who passed thro this. It's hard but there are many thinck's in live who worth to go one... there are many girl's you can meet and maybe you will find the one to your soul. Be happy that you are healthy becouse the rest will come it self.
• Malaysia
4 Nov 09
you let me remind of my bf.. as i have to pursue my further studies, we have to separate in two country. it make me tough and also him. he is like you, have to live by himself. i wish i could fly to his there to accompany but i cant. i think your gf also think like that. she sure miss u so much and please believe her she is out of no choice to let you live urself. and please take care of yourself, if you are my bf, i wont accept u cant take care of your own well. i will sad and heartbreak. your gf also. so, please take care, and keep your life on for your gf's sake.
• India
4 Nov 09
sorry to listen your thing but really saying if someone lives you that means she doesn't know your importance and that why she doesn't care about you so why you are wasting your life for a person that is not caring you and leave you alone to yourself. yes it is correct that it hurts too but you can waste your whole that is dependent on many people that includes your family member's so in my accordance yaar you should leave this all stuff and move forward and if you are too hurt-ed than try to forget her and start your life again and try to search a another girl and be in love that. i know you will say that i am talking foolish but really saying this the practical thing so you better move forward instead of wasting you r life for her as she will not come back in any case and you will ruin your life so go ahead