which one will you choose,go to graduate school or look for a good job?

November 4, 2009 5:07am CST
when you are going to finish your undergraduate study,will you apply for the graduate school in the futrue or look for a job to start earn money? i think it is a complicate question,because no matter what you choose you should consider the cost.
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@Fulltank (2894)
• Philippines
6 Nov 09
If financial capability permits it, I would rather finish my graduate school and earn a masters degree before setting out in the real world. It would mean a better change for me of landing into a better compensated jobs in the future. But, young people are always in the rush and wanted to do things fast. Many of us hates another semester at school after graduation. And prefer to look for a job and started to live for themselves. There's noting wrong about it really and most of the times, these people will still pursue their graduate studies after they have find a stable job.
6 Nov 09
I had that dilemma too. I really want to have a master's degree after I graduated college. But sad to say, I don't have enough money to cover for my tuition fees. Well, I decided to just look for a job first, when settled, I'll probably study and pursue having a master's degree.
• Italy
4 Nov 09
I started working and didn't go to graduate school. That was because due to a bad family situation I could have afforded that but I really needed to be free and independant at the soonest, so to be able to rely on myself only and be safer. In later years I regretted that, I wish I had gone for graduate school, but I am aware I had no choice and even though I wish I had done different, I approve that I didn't.