What genre music do you listen to?

November 4, 2009 10:38am CST
I love a lot of genres, a few of them are Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Electro, Techno and also a little jazz mainly because of Amy Winehouse. The one who has the most effect on the music that I listen to is Pop as these are just songs that are really catchy and grow on you such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Ciara etc. What genre do you listen to?
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@vdhaval (119)
• India
9 Nov 09
i m a totally trance n electronic person but i also prefer to listen to new age music of enigma and alternative/soft rock of coldplay,u2 n keane
@tokouchi (370)
• Philippines
6 Nov 09
I listen to all types and genres of music, yes, even classical and jazz, that's because there's always something to appreciate i them. But still I prefer alternative among others because my taste for them never change no matter what my mood is. It's a pity though that in the last few years there hasn't been really good albums or artist coming out. I wish the music scene gets rejuvenated and goes back to like what it was in the 90's.
@Ninaaah (93)
• Serbia And Montenegro
6 Nov 09
As a musician I have to listen and follow all types of music. My favorite types of music are screamo, hardcore, christian rock, metalcore etc. I like bands like Bullet for my valentine and Blindside are. I tried to listen drumm n' bass music, I can say that Pendulum is making awesome sound!:)
@hellcowboy (7378)
• United States
6 Nov 09
I am a big fan of music,and whenever me and my wife leave the house to go anywhere we always have the radio on and it is always on,because music is really important to us and I do not know where we would be without music and my favorite genre is country so we always have the radio on one of our four local country stations which play the best music in my opinion,since country music is music we can relate to and most of the songs make sense and are proper,and are not a lot of screaming like some of the rock and rap songs I have heard on other stations.
• Philippines
5 Nov 09
I mostly listen to Pop and Pop-rock. I love listening to Taiwanese songs and Japanese ones :D Ofcourse OPM is always there. I love listening to Buono!, S.H.E., Fei Lun Hai, Hey!Say!JUMP, C-ute, Morning Musume, Rainie Yang, Joe Cheng, and many more.
• United States
4 Nov 09
These days, I love to get on YouTube to watch videos from the 80s. I like Duran Duran too but they've got ska bands before they went pop (like Bananarama). I discovered some of Herbie Hancock's older stuff and it's pretty wild if you like Miles or acid jazz. YouTube also has old episodes of Soul Train. OK, to answer your ?, I like some of everything except country and western. I like alternative rock, old r&b, some arena rock, rap (before 2002) and some jazz. My favs are (in no particular order) Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, Prince and too many others to name.
• Boston, Massachusetts
4 Nov 09
It's the 80's music that i love listening to-- it's more of a techno! I appreciate too the new wave and the latest fast beat hit now of beyonce, lady gaga too, neo and akon.