Do you Like the Old Era or the New Era?

@munyosz (110)
November 4, 2009 1:26pm CST
Hey People! as Guns fans know GNR had changed. Axl replaced a few members (the best members i think...) . So My question is do you like the "new" band with or the OLD band with Duff,Slash,Izzy,Gilby in it? I Love the first era and i have all the tapes,cd's-albums that can possibly be bought and i just can't stop listening to it! It never gets old. However i like the new album "Chinese Democracy" by the "new" era. I like the songs: Chinese D. , Better, Shackler's Revenge and Street Dreams. I wish I lived in the 80's ! What do you think?
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• Indonesia
24 Jan 13
as well as any new GNR will not able to match the success from the old era. axl is getting old. and his voice is not as good in 90's. so i think the old era is better. and can't be changed
• Macedonia
14 Apr 13
New era?C-mon.There is no new era.When they make concert,they sing 90% songs that are 20 years ,or, more old.And we all wait so long for that new album.
@nahtan09 (140)
• Philippines
8 Apr 12
I love the old GNR. I respect DJ Ashba's talent but, I think the new GNR is just filled with a bunch of wasted guys. By the way, I hate Axl. I really do
12 Dec 10
well... as you know, the new lineup of gnr has been in tour in this year, i had the pleasure to see them in that tour, and after seen them i just got one thing to say: NEVER BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because they sound like ion the studio recordings!!!! they're now better than tha old gnr, but the only thing that makes that band bad is the voice of axl now...Lol
20 Mar 10
Old GNR is much better than the new era of GNR. Appetite For Destruction is far superior to Chinese Democracy in my opinion. GNR is part of rock n roll history and always will be but I think the old stuff will always outshine anything the band release now or in the future.
@Prado712 (48)
• Brazil
18 Nov 09
I agree with you munyosz, bands like GNR or Metallica in the 80's were the best!
• Canada
14 Nov 09
I like the old era of GnR much better. The new era is ok, but not as good as it could be.