do you play Mafia Wars on Facebook?

@munyosz (110)
November 4, 2009 2:16pm CST
Hi guys! do you play Mafia Wars in facebook? Which area do you like the best? NY, Cuba or Russia? I am on level 77 and im playing for a few months now. and i think it's a pretty addictive game but there is no point of it really. There is no top level , so there is nothing to beat and you all know you will never have a higher level than those who started play earlier...there is someone on level 2624 which is pretty insane... I would never spend any money on this game!!! I just play it cos its addictive, and if i'm bored. what do you think of Mafia Wars on facebook?
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• India
19 Feb 10
i love mafia wars.. i am in level62 and has125 mafia...
9 Nov 09
i play mafia wars on facebook, im already a lvl 145 russian mobster..the chapters there are faster to complete rather than the jobs at new york and cuba.
@minx267 (14775)
• Hartford, Connecticut
5 Nov 09
yea, I play it everyday. It is very addictive. I am on level 375. I play lots of the other apps/games on facebook. but I can leave those for days or weeks at a time. But for some reason I have to play mafia wars every day. oh there have been a few days once or twice where I have not checked in for a day or maybe two but there was some reason, like my computer was down or I was sick.. mostly I am doing something there every day though. I am really enjoying Russia. especially since I have finished Ny and Cuba. can't wait for the others that are going to be available soon. :)
@Slurpiee (97)
• United States
5 Nov 09
I play Mafia Wars on Facebook. So far I like Moscow the best, even though it takes forever to build the money up. When I first started I thought it was pointless, and wondered why people played it. After a week I couldn't stop. I would check it religiously. I haven't spent money on it yet, but knowing me I will. Seems unavoidable at some point.
@JIMBOH (62)
4 Nov 09
I play mafia wars on facebook daily. When I first got on to it I played it all the time, but now that I have been playing if for a while I usually play once a day. It is very addicting to begin with but like most of the games on facebook they get old after awhile.