Computer Lags or Freezes

November 4, 2009 7:56pm CST
What would you do if your computer is very slow when you need to finish an assignment? Then the computer crashes, you need to redo everything.
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• India
5 Nov 09
That will be really very frustrating to notice such kind of incidence. The best option that i feel that i would do is i would take my hard disk and move to my friends home and ask him to scan my system and see that there are no viruses found in it. Later would continue with my work. If not this will be really a very tedious work to do.
• Philippines
5 Nov 09
Is your computer always crashes? Have you checked it for viruses? Have you try clean the registry?
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@jamzy19 (73)
• United States
5 Nov 09
hmmm, its really a terrible day for you if that happens... :) Anyway, I suggest that you save your work and always make a backup on a thumb drive or any removable media so in case it do crash you can continue working on your friends' computer/other office computer if there's any or maybe on an internet shop nearby. br, jamzy
• Malaysia
18 May 10
i would get on my knees, look up to the heavens and ask God for forgiveness...and then i'll smash my laptop to vent a bit and then i'll get on my knees again and pray to God to please let me remember what i wrote in the first place...then i can re-write it hehe.. sometimes in situations like this, the hard disk is still salvageable. bring it to a computer guy or a tech guy and see if you can take out the hard disk and check if it's ok. then when you find a new PC to use, you can hook it up and most probably your work (or parts of it) is still there and it could probably be recovered..
• Philippines
15 May 10
Scan the computer for viruses with Avira AntiVir.. Fix Registry and Fragmentation problems..I use TuneUp Utilities.. Manually search for other viruses.. Delete unwanted and unneeded programs files.. Tweak the Operating system..Reduce visual effects..Turn off unnecessary features.. If the computer is still slow and crashes, I'm just going to reformat the system..
17 Nov 09
there are many reasons why a computer runs slow - low memory, an almost filled-up hard drive- to name a few. pc specs is also to be considered. try cleaning first ur pc's registry. there may have been too many irrelevant entries there that are not used currently. then clean ur internet cache files - your previously visited website files may still be in your computer.erase them all.then defragment ur drive. if all these still not speed up ur pc, try adding memory. if all these still not working for you then maybe its time to buy a new pc!! good day!
@mrfdg1972 (3238)
• Philippines
8 Nov 09
FRUSTRATED, i guess,Always do Back ups. But something is your with your system, what is your OS, PC spec, You can still recover your files , What you need is a Data Recovery tool/utilities.
@mirali110 (435)
• Hyderabad, India
7 Nov 09
Either increase your ram speed or your virtual memory..