my mom started online dating

@jen20ixm (165)
November 4, 2009 10:15pm CST
my parents separated after a ten years of marriage, now they live different world apart, we accepted what happened to them with all our understanding and love for them, it was long time ago, 11-12 years ago, i think, everbody has move on already, my father has a new wife now and she seems to be very nice and she is good with taking care of my father, while my mother's new husband died of cancer (they had a 8 years of being together)my mothers grief over this iccident, i think has passed and she now accepted what happened, she started regaining old friends, started to mingle again, started to go out, she now started living her life again. a friend of my mom suggested to her to go online, out of boredom my mother agreed and tried one of those dating site, which is not a problem with us, her children. she been chatting for 3 months now, and i think her relationship with this guy who live in another country is getting serious because last night she asked us if its okay with us that we meet this guy this coming christmas.. for me, its okay if we meet this guy, im just afraid of her getting hurt again, this guy lives far away, its hard to have a long distance relationship, i just donw want her to get hurt
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@aerous (13434)
• Philippines
5 Nov 09
Wow! I appreciate how you can accepted your mom dating online and you worried on the occasion that perhaps your mom be hurt again...Relationship is not as a perfect of it's kind. So, expecting that cannot be expected for not hoping mores to come but always think positive to ease your worries about your mom, love affairs...have a nice day!
• Singapore
5 Nov 09
give the man a chance, meet with him and then only make your judgement. i believe your mother has gone through so much and matured enough to make her own decision. I dont think she will want to be hurt again as well. If they decide to be together, then probably they can discuss further on relocation so that they can be closer together. i met my husband from online, different country as well. I'm glad to say that we are going to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary this coming 23rd nov, after being together for 2 years.