Rascal Flatts new single "Why".

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November 4, 2009 11:13pm CST
I hope the song "Why" creates suicide awareness! I hear to many stories of people from pre-teens to older adults commiting suicide! Suicide is such a selfish thing to do! When peole do commet suicide they only think about themselves! They don't think about the people they leave behind and the pain they will go through! I don't think alot of people think that suicide is really the end and that it is final! You can't come back! Life can't be so bad that suicide is the only salution! People with those thoughts need help and it is out there! I hope with this song "Why" opens peoples eyes and more people will get help for their love one who have shown signs of thinking of suicide! Life isn't that bad that you need to take your life! It isn't worth it!
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@jb78000 (15163)
5 Nov 09
hi blue65 - i have got things to say on this topic but i'll come back to them later. i know it is completely up to you how you manage your discussions but speaking as somebody who has tried to respond to a few it would be nice for us if you comment back before starting a new one
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6 Nov 09
Oh ok. No one has ever mention that to me before.
@jb78000 (15163)
6 Nov 09
@thea09 (18316)
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6 Nov 09
I mentioned it at length in a discussion two months ago, Mys explained it to you somewhere else. If you don't respond back to people that is why you don't get lots of responses as it is rude, you also don't earn anything by not responding back, and the guidelines state you must give a quality response not just a 'thank you for responding'. They consider a 4 line answer to be a quality response. Without a response from the discussion opener it is not a discussion. If you open my profile and go to one from yesterday on 'what country is this' you will see an interactive discussion which is fun and packed with friends, friends developed through interacting with them.