Do you think we as humans are spiritualy weak?

United States
November 5, 2009 10:44pm CST
In the past we used to be connected closely to nature yet lived less than today.Now we live longer through science but it seems we have less spiritualism than before.We sacrificed spiritualism for a longer life span but was it worth it?I just want to know what you think about this.
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• China
6 Nov 09
I think the meaning of life is living as long as possible, no matter for humans, lions or zebras. science is part of nature too. We used to explain lightings and stroms with the power of god, now with science. We used to live on spiritualism, now we depend on science. I think science is just a different form of spirtualism owns only by human.Lions only have lion power, sharks only have shark power, but with science humans can have all their power.
• United States
6 Nov 09
I personally believe that some of us in the more industrially developed areas in the world like America carry less spiritual strength. Possibly because we are distracted by materials and the pursuit of them. It always seems that the more you have, the less spiritual you turn out being. No that's not necessarily the case. Even back then, spiritual people seem to be less fortunate as far as riches were concerned.